Our company is established with one goal in mind, to cater to patients needing NEMT services.

Secure Patient Delivery is a non-emergency medical transportation provider catering to ambulatory, non-ambulatory and behavioral health patients. It is our commitment to provide our clients with safe and timely transportation to their destinations. We aim to continuously render quality NEMT transportation services guided by the following:

Entrance door of a non-medical vehicle


To serve the communities in our service area by providing the best possible non-emergency transportation to all patients.


To continuously improve customer care and experience by advancing our resources and operations to accommodate any transportation requests.


Secure Patient Delivery is dedicated to having the best possible patient care. All transportation requests, no matter the situation, is important. Every request is handled with care, dignity, and respect promptly.

For Shuttle Service call us at 337-443-4830 or Fax to 504-308-1405.
For PEC Transports call us at 877-577-1440.